The Session with Avery

On occasion the stars align, and we get the trifecta of perfection: perfect weather, perfect location and perfect smiles, giggles and ‘tude. This time it was with Avery, our returning little client, friend and Little Man’s sister from another mister. 

We went to the Longview Farm Park in Town & Country, a charming oasis of green with a pond, a playground, a historic building with perfectly kept garden and yes, there were even horses. The ideal backdrop was around every corner, so we just had to focus on our model.

There is something to be said about photographing people you love. It always comes out in the final product. It was no different here. Avery was giving us her true self, playful, goofy, lovely, adorable… That was hands down the quickest photo-session in our history, kid or grown up. 

I’m sure, this is not the last time that Batgirl posed in front of our camera… ❤


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