Loren’s Maternity Session

The recipe for a great shoot: golden hour, pleasant weather, interesting new location, enough time and a relaxed, fun client, who just accidentally happens to be a friend. Can it get any better? No, no it can’t. We set out to have fun. What we ended up doing, was creating magic.

There is something about that mom-to-be glow that just overrides everything. Listen, you pregnant Goddess, yes you, creating a new life underneath your heart, sharing your body and soul, nurturing the tiny human till she or he is ready to meet the world: you are beautiful. And Loren was the best example of the glowing, gorgeous Mama.

We used every corner of the Hanley House and took full advantage of the setting sun. And of that glow. Have we mentioned The Glow? 🙂 And now that baby Dean is here, I can’t wait to work with this brand new family again.

What did you think?

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