The Engagement Session with Sejla & Blake

The main reason we strongly advise our soon-to-be-married couples to have the engagement shoot with the photographers capturing their wedding day is that it’s the closest to a trial run they will get. You get the feel for the process, see what works for you, what poses and facial expressions you like, what you could possibly avoid on the wedding day… but most of all – you see, if you feel comfortable with your photographer. You can have the best one in the business, but if you if you don’t “click” with them, if you can’t relax, it will show in the photos.

We met Sejla and Blake with their lady Sophie at the Art Museum so she could be in some of the photos as well. Who knew that there was still that playful puppy hidden underneath all that fluffy fur? She posed like a pro. We think she kinda liked the attention. We kinda liked her.

From there we went to the Victorian Footbridge and the Round Lake for the sunset photos. The more time we spent together, the clearer it was – we definitely clicked with Sejla and Blake. We enjoyed their sense of humor and their absolute willingness to try anything we suggested. They made it fun and effortless, despite the heat and the bugs. They followed directions to a T and then added little personal touches, which made the photos their own.

Needless to say – we can’t wait for the wedding day!

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