Sejla & Blake: The Big Day

There is nothing as equally stressful, exciting and rewarding as shooting a wedding. We always think we’re mentally prepared, but every time we get the butterflies and a healthy dose of anxiety for someone else’s Big Day. The responsibility of capturing the person’s most important moment to date (and not mess up) is tightly intertwined with all the great emotions we absolutely share with our clients.

This time was no different. We came to the location Sejla & Blake picked for their wedding excited, a bit nervous, and ready.

The winery was on a little mound, just enough to have a stunning view over the vineyard. The rows of white chairs led to an airy pergola with a backdrop of grapevines. Before the guests started arriving, we broke the “photo-ice” with the groom and his groomsmen, realizing right away that this was going to be a fun, easy-going group of people to work with (and they didn’t disappoint!).

As the time went on, the skies got more and more drama, which culminated in a short but mighty rain shower, just in time for the exchange of the rings. Rain on the wedding day means happy and fruitful marriage, they say. Judging by that rain, Sejla and Blake will have happiness for 2 lifetimes.

We wish them all the best on their journey together!



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