A Fall Afternoon with the Sedic Family

When I got a call from Vedrana to do their family shoot, all I could do was smile. Every time we had this family in front of our cameras, it was a relaxed, fun and successful session. Which – with three kids – is definitely not the norm. But there’s something special about this bunch, it was obvious even when they were wee little ones.

The fall day at the Forest Park was somewhat cold, but you couldn’t really tell by their enthusiasm and joy. The backdrop of colorful leaves and a setting sun just enhanced the beauty this family has inside and out. Everyone was everywhere, laughing and running, but so camera ready when it was time to shoot. And shoot we did. We had so many great photos that it was difficult to chose.

Then the icing on the cake came, a feedback every photographer hopes and lives for:

You guys are THE BEST … all of the pictures are beautiful… love each and every single one of them and can’t even get close to thinking about a favorite one … thank you thank you thank you … simply the best  ❤️

You’re most welcome guys, it was our pleasure. See you next time!


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