Welcome Baby Aden

The greatest honor (among all the great honors when doing this job) is to be invited to capture the new life, that we “met” while still slumbering inside their mom’s belly. Not only did the new parents liked us and the end result of their maternity session, they also trust us with the precious first moments of their baby’s life. There is no bigger confirmation that we did something right.

Aden was a pro from the first minutes. He was awake and alert, watching and listening to the humming around him. He was calm through all of his outfit changes. He didn’t fuss (much) when – all of a sudden – he ended up naked on his blankie. A little bit of snuggles from Mama and a short nibble on his pacifier and he was back in business.

The true beauty showed herself when his parents entered the scene. The love was palpable and the peace and serenity this little family of four (let’s not forget the fur baby!) radiates warmed my heart. It’s so easy to enjoy the work, when you surround yourself with clients like these… ❤

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