Veneta & Jasmin Say “I Do”

The one thing that will get us all giddy and excited (more than usual, that is), have us jumping up and down like toddlers in a bouncy house, is when we realize that a client has a location that we haven’t gotten a chance to shoot at. The creative juices start flowing, the imagination goes wild, and we start seeing all the shots before we even packed our bags.

So, when Veneta mentioned a wedding at the Magic House during our first consultation, I all but whoohoo-ed out loud. Not only was the reception to be held there, but the ceremony as well. The whole timeline of their day sounded like music to our ears. We couldn’t wait for the day.

When it finally arrived, in the late September, it was perfect. The bridal party was a blast, the bride and groom were relaxed and enjoying themselves and the weather was almost too good to be true.

— a quick side-note: it’s not like we’re patting ourselves on the back, but we usually bring great weather with us. unless we don’t. but then it’s an epic bad weather situation, with everyone’s cell phones going off with warning text messages. still brilliant backdrop for photos. but I digress —

After the getting ready photos, we started the official shoot at the Laumeier Sculpture Park with the First Look and group photos. The wedding party this size usually requires a bit of work, to get everyone organized, but this bunch was determined, yet fun at the same time. Everything was going according to plan.

Next stop (pun intended) was the Historic Kirkwood Train Station. We were even lucky enough to catch a train swoosh by. This wedding day was just getting better and better. We used the Kirkwood City Hall as the last backdrop, before heading to the Magic House.

The intimate ceremony, officiated by the couple’s friend, was sweet, short and funny. It gave us enough time for some great shots though. The party that ensued lasted – as we heard later – well after we had packed our equipment and left.

If their wedding day is any predictor of their life together, then Veneta and Jasmin’s will be filled with love, family, great friends, tons of laughter and good food. What can a person ask for more?




p.s. we worked together with Creative Videos on this wedding, for their highlight reel click here.

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