The Sister Bond

Adisa and Nera hold a very special place in our hearts. Not only have we known them for what seems like forever, but we’ve been there, with our cameras, for a wedding, a graduation, four babies and countless family reunions. The one thing that never changes is their bubble, the sacred-silly space surrounding them all. It is hard to describe, but once entered, you can feel it: the love, the fun, the bond.

We came to the shoot and everyone was there: the grandparents, two sets of parents and four kids. The day was cold and grey and just miserable, but you could never tell from the happy commotion that was going on.  And here is a crucial point: our clients expectations make or break the shoot. Of course everyone hopes for the perfect ratio of sun and picturesque clouds, light breeze, and low humidity; calm, well behaved, and smiling kids; relaxed, natural poses and perfect angles. The real treasure hides in the people who can take less than ideal circumstances and roll with them with the best attitude possible. Luckily we are gifted with those kind of clients and this bunch was no different.

With our rain boots, colorful coats and umbrellas, we found the driest patch of the park and went for it. That shoot and the resulting photos are the true testament to the connection this family has, and especially to the sister bond which holds in all together.

We can’t wait for the next time!




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