Amy’s Beautiful Family

Amy was gifted a photo session with us by a mutual friend. She just recently had a new baby Avery and that was a perfect motivation to get out to the Oak Knoll Park and have some fun.

Who ever had a newborn, knows how hard those first weeks are. Add a toddler into the mix and things get just more and more complicated. And yet, the little family of four came with big smiles on their faces, relaxed and happy to our shoot. Kudos to this mama for making it look so easy!

Big Sister Norah wasn’t too happy when she saw us, unfamiliar faces in a not so familiar setting didn’t scream “happy place”, but after a short while (and some bubbles) all was well and we got some beautiful shots of her. The gorgeous background of colorful flowers didn’t hurt either.

Baby Avery didn’t really care about our presence. Or anything else for that matter. She was very content in her parents’ arms, slept the whole session through and enjoyed her existence to the fullest.

The whole photo shoot was easy, fun and filled with laughter. There is a lot of love in this little family, and the photos show it. We hope to see Norah and Avery again soon!


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