Sadie And Nash, the Engagement

These two shy, lovely goofballs made my Saturday. Sadie and Nash din’t take themselves seriously and were open for any suggestion thrown their way, even if it meant having a couple of awkward moments. They would laugh at each other, the ease would be reestablished, and the cuteness would radiate.

It didn’t take us long to get comfortable at our first location, the Hanley House. The yard around it, albeit small, has many different photo ops. The historic house itself wasn’t open at the time of the shoot, but we still managed to incorporate it in. The golden hour made our location even dreamier.

When we were satisfied with our session at the Hanley House, we went to the nearby Oak Knoll Park. This little gem provides enough green for a lovely nature backdrop and still has couple of structures for spacial diversity.

By the time we started the second part of our shoot, Sadie and Nash were pros. They were joking around, posing with each other, making each other laugh. Their photos are full of joy, love and good ol’ fun. I’ve enjoyed our session with them immensely and can’t wait for the wedding!







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