Melisa & Patrick: The Parents To Be

Maternity sessions are one of my favorite ones to shoot, especially if it’s the first time around. The excitement, the impatience to meet this new person, all the questions about the future, even the fear of the unknown… but most of all – the love. It is this roller-coaster of emotions that makes the maternity photo-shoots one of a kind and such a delight to be a part of.

The Love was all present on this hot, summer late afternoon. The beautifully lush Lafayette Park welcomed us with enough shade to hide under, plenty peekaboo rays of  golden sun and a gorgeous old house as the final backdrop. Melisa was rocking her baby bump in a simple yet elegant, maxi teal dress. When I saw the flowers in her hair, I did an inner happy dance, those little personal touches always make my day.

The most important thing – after the mom to be of course – is the dad. He will make or break the session with his attitude, mood and/or comments. Luckily for me, Patrick was the perfect partner. Not only was he playful and cheery, but he was following directions to a T and giving mom complements left and right. And let’s be honest: all pregnant ladies need tons of extra love and reassurance, for some reason most of us forget that we’re growing a tiny human from scratch and instead think that we’re simply fat. Even if that’s not true.

With lots of laughter and a couple of awkward moments (followed by even more laughs), time flew by. Not the heat, not the mosquitoes, not all the other people taking photos – nothing could ruin the mood. Yes, one could call it a success. 🙂

It was an absolute pleasure sharing this session with Melisa and Patrick and I can’t wait to meet the mystery person!



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