Surprise! Will You Marry Me?

The surprise proposal was a first for us and we couldn’t be happier that it was this groom-to-be, who decided to let us in on his secret and make us a part of his elaborate plan.

We’ve known Kemal for years now. We first met him as an adorable cousin of one of our brides, who was asked to record the big day for the lucky couple. An aspiring photographer himself, he asked us if he could shadow us at our future wedding shoots. We said yes, put him to work and we got ourselves and assistant. Kemal has been a vital part of our wedding business and a friend ever since. He’s a great “kid” – kind, funny, and with the biggest heart ever. That’s one of the reasons we were very excited when he started dating Selma, a girl we knew from yet another wedding. The photo of her being all emotional at her sister’s ceremony is to this day one of our favorites.

Kemal then solidified the #couplegoals when he surprised his girlfriend with a romantic photoshoot at Cedar Lake Cellars on June 2nd. How we were able to keep the secret, that it was no ordinary shoot, we still aren’t sure. Kemal chose the perfect time and the perfect spot, and waited patiently down on one knee till Selma turned around. The moment was priceless! It was such a pleasure to witness the love and the happiness surrounding these two. We’re not crying, you’re crying!

Needless to say: she said YES!

We continued our now engagement shoot for a bit longer and ended it at dusk between the vines. The whole afternoon was a magical one, it will stay with us for a while, for sure. Or at least till the wedding next year. Thank you S&K for taking us on this crazy ride with you! ❤






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