Adelisa & Adnan: Short, But Very Sweet

For us a wedding shoot usually begins in the morning, with the bride and groom getting ready. Hair and make up need to get done. The dress needs to be showcased, and the shoes, the flowers and the jewelry need some attention too. The excitement and the nerves start to show. It’s like a warm up for a marathon that is the wedding day. I say usually, because there are also weddings like this one, where we were invited only to the cherry on the top, the marshmallows in the hot chocolate if you will. The few hours at a chosen location, where we have our couple all to ourselves.

We met up with Adelisa and Adnan at the Grand Basin of the Forest Park. They had already gotten married, the nerves were replaced with the anticipation of the food, drinks and dancing at the reception. We needed to get them back into the game on a hot, sunny September day. It didn’t take the four of us long at all to get into a pose/ shoot/ switch/ repeat rhythm. The beauty of having a seasoned photographer on your wedding day is the calm the experience brings. This might be your first time doing this whole wedding thing, but for us it’s the … oh, we stopped counting. We can and will be your quiet place, if everything around you gets too overwhelming. We will carry your heels while you rest your feet walking in the flip-flops (we recommended exactly for that reason). We will also conduct your wedding party like the symphony orchestra they are. Luckily, none of that was necessary with Adelisa and Adnan.

We stayed in the proximity of the Grand Basin and took full advantage of the Art Museum and the fountains as the backdrop. It wasn’t easy keeping a straight face with this group of people, but then again why should you? We giggled our way through the two hours we had with them, getting all the good shots we needed. Despite the heat and the setting fatigue, they were such troopers, and the photos show it.

I know we say it often, but to me it can never be enough: we have the best clients. We are very aware of that fact and feel very grateful. Thank you Lovebirds for picking us for the cherry on the top!

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