Lejla & Sanel: the Engagement Session That Was Meant To Be

Once upon a time, we were on our way to a shoot, when the phone rang. It was our favorite make-up artist Behija, wondering if we had time for a last minute engagement session. She had a client in her chair, whose photographer had just canceled their shoot due to some emergency.

What were the odds of such encounter? Our obligation was supposed to be done in couple of hours, so we scheduled Lejla and Sanel right after, for a golden hour session.

We met by the Art Museum and used its beautiful diverse architecture as our first backdrop. The initial awkwardness was quickly replaced by (and actually caused) the laughter and goofiness (on our part). We walked down the Art Hill to the Grand Basin, learning about their love story, their current long distance relationship, and finding perfect little spots to capture both the two of them and the gorgeous late summer sunset.

We ended our shoot by the pond with the pebble beach, one of our favorite spots at the Forest Park. It’s small enough for the intimate portrayals and has enough visual texture to give the final photo that little something extra. We even had an audience of one tiny curious toddler, who did her best to be the cutest photo-bomb ever.

We will surely remember this against-all-odds photoshoot. One man’s loss is truly another man’s (or in this case couple’s) gain! ❤

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