Jasmina & Elvis: Pre-Mexico Session

‘Twas a busy, autumn Saturday at Lafayette Park, the place was buzzing with wedding parties posing, kids laughing, babies crying, and parents trying to get that one perfect shot for the frame Mom found at Target. There were baby bumps and couples in love, and lots and lots of photographers running around.

I was waiting for my soon to be married couple, in need of engagement photos. The Sun was getting ready for its Golden Hour show and I felt that familiar mix of excitement and performance anxiety, my brain already going through all the cool locations of the park.

Jasmina and Elvis arrived with huge smiles on their faces, ready to rock. And rock they did. When I wasn’t obsessing about their chemistry and the ease with which they moved in front of my camera, I was obsessing about Jasmina’s hair. It was the supporting star of every frame, just adding to the general stunningness.

We started by the Lafayette Park House, which was built in 1867 as a police station. Its rich brick color, vibrant green doors and perfectly kept greenery offer a gorgeous backgrounds for any occasion. Next stop would’ve been the obligatory bridge, but it had one wedding party shooting and one waiting, so we went to the Kern Pavilion and used the symmetry of the arched glass doors for couple more shots.  We took a long way back to the bridge, taking pictures at all back-lit spots possible. We talked about their nuptials next year in Mexico and the pros of a destination wedding.

We snagged our 5 minutes on the bridge, twirling and goofing around and ended our session by one of the four gates, incorporating the massive iron fence as the third character into the last couple of photos.

I utterly enjoyed this session and Jasmina and Elvis’ company. I  have no doubt that they will rock their forever journey, just like they rocked this shoot. Rocked, and then some. ❤


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